Aloe vera Lajares fuerteventura canarias

Aloe vera

Aloe vera plant

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The Aloe Vera plant that heals almost everything The Bible and the philosopher Aristotle already spoke of this wonderful plant.
Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti would use its healing and curative powers. Fuerteventura is considered the world capital of this plant.
It is planted on rocky ground black n not require a lot of water and s accustomed to arid climates. It looks like a cactus, but n is not one, because it does not sting.
is said that Aloe Vera heals all and compared to a silent doctor.
It strengthens our immune defense system, relieves chemotherapy treatments, cures arthritis, the arthritis, the asthma and relieves muscle pain. It is also considered as the best natural rejuvenator and fastest out there. Almost all skin problems can be treated (face buttons, sunburn, burns, hair care, braking aging skin, tissue regenerator).
In short, a miracle plant became the third source of the island economy after tourism and breeding of goats whose numbers reach 120,000 heads for only 90,000 islanders. Attractive and surprising, Fuerteventura is a spooky place we never get tired.
In front, you can see from the sand dunes leading to the beaches of Corralejo, Lanzarote, the neighboring island, populated by Berbers, originating archipelago the Canary Islands.